Services to the church

Cleaning – Keeping our churches clean is a service to God.  People attending expect to find clean toilets and the main church to be clean (and understandably so) but this requires parishioners to provide this service.  A lot of behind the scenes work goes into keeping the churches to the standard everyone expects.  We are always looking for people who are willing to help with keeping our churches beautiful for God.  Please speak to Mini Santosh (St. William’s) and Maureen Morley (St. Ethelbert’s) if you have any concerns or if you are willing to help out.

Flowers – Both our churches are resplendent with floral decorations.  The decorations denote the seasons especially at Easter and Christmas.    If you could contribute the cost of the decorations or assist in preparing our decorations, please contact Lois Caldwell   (St. William’s) and Pat Evans (St. Ethelbert’s). 

Grounds – The grounds of our churches are kept litter and weed free.  St William’s has extensive grounds and an employed gardener mows the grass.   Volunteers from both churches remove weeds and keep the grounds litter free.  Can you help with this?

Buildings – The church buildings are old and large and require regular renovation.  Damp, damage from weather, and general wear and tear need regular maintenance.  Both buildings are insured and we have public liability insurance in place also.  Modern society, rightly, requires adequate toilet and kitchen facilities with well lit and clear access and a warm and secure church building. All this requires investment and a lot of the money raised in weekly collections, donations and fundraising is spent on these items.  Please contact Peter Morley or John Kidd.

 St Bert’s Café – Coffee, tea, juice and biscuits are served after 11.30 am. Mass.  All are welcome to stay for light refreshment and chat.  Small donations to meet the cost of the café are very welcome.   Please speak to Andrea Taylor or Chris Ryding if you would be willing to help staff the café. We would welcome your assistance.

Bells – There is a bell tower at St Ethelbert’s and we ring the bells before Mass to give witness in the community.  If you would like to volunteer to ring the bell, please see Lee Pendlebury.

Parish Shop – Both churches sell a variety of cards, statues, books and bibles, children’s items, prayer cards, gifts, rosaries and items for sacramental programme. Please contact Gemma Pendlebury (St Ethelbert’s) or Una Trenbath (St William’s) for any item or if you would like to staff a stall. Any profits raised from sales go to the parish funds. Please support your shop where you can.