Youth Group

This weeks activity is to complete a covid time capsule. You need to write a letter saying what you did during the lockdown period. You also need to create your own crossword puzzle or word search puzzle to put in the box. You also need to put in a picture of yourself that you have drawn and a picture of your school and church. The last item you need to include is a small toy/gift (inexpensive please) for the person who might find your tin in the future. Fr. Morrough has agreed that we can Bury the tins in one of the presbytery gardens when we are able. when you have completed them. Thanks and good luck everyone😊😊

St Sebastian

St Josephine Bakhita

What I would like the children to do is draw the story out as they understand it or if they do not like drawing write a reflection on they what they understand and how they feel about St Josephine Bakhita's life
Do they feel she was lucky?
How would they react to the physical abuse she endured?
If they had a chance to go back to Sudan would they have gone back or would they have done what St. Bakhita did?
Why do you think St. Bakhita stayed in Italy?
Was God truly in her life?
Happy drawing or writing guys!

St Francis Xavier
Dear parents could your children’s watch this video and then write down what they understand about it

Read our June Lockdown Youth Group Newsletter here

At the Parish Youth Group we have a number of activities:

  • Drama
  • Music
  • Movies and their impact on our faith
  • Bible Lessons and Discussion
  • Joint Prayer

We meet at St Ethelberts RC Church at 6.00 PM to 7.45 PM every alternative Thursday .

If you are interested in joining the Youth Group then please contact Ijeabalum (Ije) Asike