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Welcome from the Parish Priest

Welcome from the Parish Priest

As the churches in our diocese move forward with our bishop’s initiative, ‘Hope in the Future’, we are called to be ‘missionary parishes’. For any outreach or mission beyond our own community, we must have a solid foundation to start from. This I believe, requires us to be aware of the activities in our own parish; along with the gifts and talents we can draw upon to bring the message of Christ to the wider community.

Our vision for our mission parish must be one that provides:

1) A dynamic worshipping community where people come for the first time and sense the presence of God.
2) A community where everyone is growing in their understanding of the Catholic Faith.
3) A community where everyone is growing in the life of prayer and their relationship with God.
4) A community where pastoral, spiritual and practical care is given to those in need.
5) A community where people are actively involved in the Mission of the Church and its charitable work.

God bless,

Fr Morrough O’Brien
Parish Priest

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