Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharistic

Assist with the distribution of the Blessed Sacrament during Mass, take the Eucharist to the housebound or those in hospital and lead Eucharistic services when the priest is on leave.  Please speak to Peter Morley (St Ethelbert’s) or Joan Gettins (St William’s) if you would like to receive Holy Communion at home because of being housebound or unwell.   Ministers are re-commissioned each Holy Thursday.

Readers of the Word (Lectors)

Proclaim scriptural passages during liturgical services.  For more information and to become a reader at Mass please speak to Agnes Lloyd-Holt (evening St Ethelbert’s) and Peter Morley (morning St Ethelbert’s) and Joan Gettins (St William’s). There is an annual retreat at the Shrine, Kearsley for all readers and Eucharistic ministers.

 Altar Servers

Assist the priest during Mass, including school Masses and other services.  We have a number of young people and adult servers who assist at Mass.  Most young servers are recruited from the children who have just completed their sacramental programme.  If you have a child who would like to consider being a server or are an adult who would like to explore becoming an adult server, please see Robert Houghton.


The Sacristan is responsible for ensuring the church is prepared for the service.  He or she will set up the altar, the vessels, and ensure everything is in place.  Where there is no adult server they also ensure the incense burner or other arrangements are in place. Pat Evans, Peter Morley and John Nolan (St. Ethelbert’s).  If you need the priest or require anything for the Mass, speak to the Sacristan who will be pleased to assist.

Children’s Liturgy

St Ethelbert’s 11:30am Sunday Mass –  Ichtus Club (Term time only) – We are looking for additional new leaders for the weekly Ichtus Club.  If your child attends or you think you could help, please consider joining our crew of leaders.  No training required but subject to DBS clearing.  The club is enjoyed by many children every week.   Please see Joanne Harwood.

St William’s 9:30am Sunday Mass – Little Church – For more information or to get involved contact Helen Ahmed, Debra Percival & Holly-Beth Mansfield.

Music Ministry

There is always a range of traditional and contemporary music at the 11:30am Sunday Mass at St Ethelbert’s. The congregation are accompanied by guitar and backing tracks. We sing most of the Mass parts and sometimes the psalm as these are the most important parts of the Mass to sing. We sometimes arrange choir practices at Christmas and Easter. If you would like to join to choir, play and instrument or sing the psalm please contact John Griffin.

There is organ accompaniment and a choir at the 9:30am Mass at St William’s.

For more information or to get involved contact Mark Johnson.