The Church’s Year

The Church works through seasons as the rest of us do.  Key events and seasons are:

Advent – the beginning of the Church’s year.   The Advent wreath, the church bare of flowers, the preparing for Christmas with repentance.   We have shelter seeking where we send a statue of St. Joseph with a pregnant Mary around the Parish and our schools sending our prayers to all those who La Posada visit during this season.

Christmas – the second most important event in the Church’s calendar.

John 3:16  ‘For God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son

so that everyone who believes in Him may not die but have eternal life.’  White is the colour of vestments and the church’s cloths. We have carols in church.  Why not come along for Christmas.  You are very welcome.

Epiphany – chalk is blessed and we take a piece home to bless our houses for the coming year.

Lent – preparation for Easter. A time of repentance and remembrance that

Jesus died for us.  Purple is the key colour and no flowers or decorations in the church.  It is traditional to say the Stations of the Cross before the Saturday 12 noon Mass.  A good time to consider Reconciliation in preparation.

Easter – the greatest of the Church’s feasts.  He is Risen, alleluia.  The church is resplendent in white and gold.  We are sprinkled with the new

holy water blessed for Easter.

Pentecost – the Church’s birthday.  The day when the Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples.

Mary – we celebrate Our Lady in the months of May and October.  Both churches have a side altar dedicated to Our Lady and we crown Mary

during the month of May and pray the rosary in October.

Corpus Christi – a procession from church showing witness to our faith.

A lovely way to come together giving witness.

Sacred Heart – The Church reveres the Sacred Heart of Jesus during June.

Holy Souls – November we remember the Holy Souls.  “May their souls rest in peace”.  Both churches have a Book of Remembrance for parishioners and loved ones to be remembered. If you would like the name of a loved one added to the Book, please speak to the parish priest. We pray for those in our Books of Remembrance on their anniversary.